Care of the Elderly

There are three FY1 doctors with the acute Care of the Older Person team (Team D). It consists of 4 consultant geriatricians, 4 middle grade doctors, 2 x CMT2, 1 x CMT1 and a FY 2 doctor.  The main duties will be on Wards 25 and 26. There is a wide range of geriatric and specialist expertise within the team.  There are opportunities for improving generic skills such as history taking, clinical examination and ability to initiate and interpret basic investigations. The management of acute medical problems, long term conditions and specific geriatric syndromes is available. Team working is greatly encouraged with all junior medical staff requested to support each other and other consultant teams. There are opportunities to experience MDT working, be exposed to ethical issues and be involved in provision of palliative care.

You will gain more confidence in clerking patients, seeing new admissions and responding to urgent calls.  Communication skills will improve through working in a team structure and dealing with relatives / carers. Although, the majority of the patients are elderly with complex needs there are patients both under and over 65 who have cardiac, respiratory, gastrointestinal and stroke related illnesses.

Educational opportunities exist as we have a large number of undergraduates on the wards. There is also a regular Care of the Elderly educational meeting where you will be encouraged to contribute within an informal environment. You will also attend the mandatory Foundation Teaching Programme.

The other part of the FY1 doctor’s duties are related to emergency work, where he/she will be exposed to emergency patients on AMU or urgent calls from the wards if they are on ward cover.  There is support from the more senior doctors and the Acute Response Team.