All Foundation Trainees will be assigned an Educational Supervisor, who stays with you for both Foundation years, and a Clinical Supervisor, who changes each time you move into a new placement.

Quote / Testimonial:

“There are really nice Consultants, who are keen on teaching and helping you in developing your CV too.  I’ve worked in central London since being at Blackpool, and it made me realise just how supportive Blackpool is. “

Former FY trainee

Education Supervisor

“A trainer who is selected and appropriately trained to be responsible for the overall supervision and management of a specified trainee’s educational progress during a training placement or series of placements. The Educational Supervisor (ES) is responsible for the trainee’s Educational Agreement.”

Your ES is your first point of call for concerns or issues around your:

  • portfolio
  • training
  • assessment
  • careers
  • further training opportunities

The meetings you have with your ES will form the basis on which you explore learning opportunities and develop your career plans.

Clinical Supervisor

“A trainer who is selected and appropriately trained to be responsible for overseeing a specified trainee’s clinical work and providing constructive feedback during a training placement.”

Your Clinical Supervisor (CS) will be responsible for supervising your day to day clinical and professional practice.  They will support the assessment process, holding a responsibility for exposure to appropriate clinical training experiences.

They also have a responsibility to ensure your work load allows for time away to attend protected teaching as prescribed by the Medical Education Centre.

NOTE: A dual role may exist in some circumstances when the Educational and Clinical supervisors are one and the same person.

Foundation Programme Director (FPD)

Your FPD will manage and lead your Foundation Training Programme within the Trust.  They will:

  • Be a source of advice surrounding Foundation Curriculum queries
  • Meet with you following each placement for evaluation
  • Track your training and learning progression on HORUS
  • Be part of the panel for your ARCP at the end of FY1 and FY2

Any issues or concerns reported by your Supervisors to the Medical Education Team will be dealt with by the FPD.

Quote / Testimonial:

“I remember that at Blackpool I had the opportunity to do lots of clinical procedures and I felt well supported by senior staff.”

Former FY trainee