Within the Cardiology Department, the team carries out over 32,000 cardiac catheters, 650 pacemaker, 3,000 angioplasties and 800 other Cardiology related procedures per year, with increases each year.

The Directorate is made up of:

  • 10 Consultants Cardiologists and 6 Cardiac Surgeons covering the North West Cardiac Network
  • Ward Areas
  • Cardiology Pre-Admission/Rapid Access Clinics
  • Cardiology Day Case Unit
  • Cardiac Investigations Unit
  • Cardiac High Dependency Unit
  • 4 operating theatres

Cardiology trainees will undertake duties as follows:

  • Participation in unselected on call Shift System
  • History taking, investigation and Management of acute cardiology patients under close supervision
  • Attendance at Cardiology Out Patients Clinics
  • Attendance at Directorate Teaching sessions
  • Venous cannulation of patients
  • Attendance at Directorate Audit meetings
  • Participation in Audit Projects
  • Attendance at Directorate Teaching
  • Attendance at the mandatory Foundation Teaching Programme

For further information, take a look at the Lancashire Cardiac Centre website.