Our Foundation Induction this year will be condensed to 5 days prior to your first working day. However we have not removed anything from the programme other than additional shadowing days.

The induction is designed to:

  • Smooth the transition from University to Hospital
  • Provide on-ward experience of your first placement
  • Complete Clinical Skills training
  • Complete mandatory HENW e-induction modules
  • Introduce you to the team hosting and supporting your training

Some Trusts only offer the minimum mandatory Foundation Induction.  Our Trust offers an extended two week Induction period, which includes non-compulsory and compulsory Shadowing opportunities.

You are not required under the Terms of Employment to attend any voluntary period offered, but attendance is strongly recommended to ensure you are at the same training level as your fellow FY1s on day one of working.  Previous experience of FY1s who fail to attend the full two week period will result in the trainee playing catch up during the first few weeks.

Foundation Induction

Our 2020 FY1 Induction Programme is as follows: