Eynsham Medical Practice

Eynsham Medical Centre,
Conduit Lane, Eynsham, Witney, OX29 4QB
T: 01865 881206


Amar Latif

We are a rural practice situated in leafy West Oxfordshire. We have approximately 15,000 patients spread across two sites in the villages of Eynsham and Long Hanborough, approximately 20 minute drive from Oxford. We are a dispensing practice and also have an
on-site pharmacy at Long Hanborough.

We are a large, friendly and expanding team comprising of 13 doctors, 6 nurses, 4 health care assistants, 3 clinical pharmacists, a paramedic, an advanced nurse practitioner and lots of other admin staff (there are over 70 in total!).

We have many systems in place at the Practice in order to reduce the administrative burden in primary care. This includes a DOCMAN team who deal with most of the documents coming into the Practice, a Pathlinks team who work on protocols to file away most results and clinical pharmacists, who help with most of the repeat prescribing within the Practice.

We have a mainly Caucasian population whom are generally well-educated and reasonably affluent with only very small pockets of deprivation. We also look after 7 nursing homes and you will get the opportunity to visit one of these during your time with us.

Education and Training

We are enthusiastic and passionate about GP training. There is a history of training going back over 30 years at the Practice! There are 3 trainers within the Practice, Dr Jessica Harris, Dr Lorenz Kemper and Dr Amar Latif. We take trainees from both the North Oxon and Oxford training schemes, which provides an interesting comparison and opportunity to learn across the different VTS schemes.

In addition, we also host medical students from both the University of Oxford and Buckingham University (the UK’s first private medical school), and we have approx. 60 students visit the Practice in any given year! You will have the opportunity to get involved in teaching students if this is something that interests you.

The future of General Practice

We believe in ensuring that General Practice is sustainable as a career, and so none of our GPs work more than 7 sessions (3.5 days) at the Practice. This ensures that we maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In addition, many of our GPs have portfolio careers away from the Practice including working at the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group), medical politics via the LMC (Local Medical Committee), research interests, medical school examining, teaching consultation skills, and
even developing digital consultation tools! We firmly believe that variety is the spice of life and invite you to find out more during your time here!

We also believe in making General Practice fun, interesting and enjoyable. We are a social bunch and ensure that we have coffee twice per day and lunch together every day. On occasion we will have lunch at a local restaurant during the working day! We also have regular
evenings out and Practice dinners to which you will be invited.

Ultimately the future of General Practice is you – so we are keen to ensure we devise a placement that meets your needs, so you can see all the fun and joy that a career in General Practice can bring!