Integrated Training Posts

Full time trainees who start GP training after August 2021 will spend up to twenty four months in General Practice placements during their three year training scheme.

Part of the time in general practice during ST1/2 may include Integrated training posts (ITPs).

ITPs are innovative posts which integrate other relevant experience with time in general practice.

Full time trainees will usually spend 12 months in an ITP. 

Working week in ITPs

Half of the working week is spent in a GP practice and the other half in the speciality. Usually half way through the year, you will swap which part of the week you spend where. This means that if something only happens on certain days of a week e.g. a practice meeting or a speciality clinic you will all have exposure to it over the 12 month period.  

The time will fit with the 40 hour working week contract.  Specialities/GP practices may alter start and finish times but the total hours worked will be the same.

There is no out of the hours work in the speciality but there is GP OOH in the same way as for GP posts. 

Like in GP posts, there is a 70% / 30% Clinical / Educational split to the week.  This means there are 7 clinical sessions and 3 educational sessions.  

Trainees attend Tuesday afternoon teaching on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month as usual.  There is alternate Wednesday morning teaching as a group of trainees in GP/ITP posts.  There are also tutorials in the GP practice and departmental teaching.

We have the following ITPs:

For more information about the GP aspects of the post see our GP rotations pages.