Safeguarding Cases

Case 1

You have task from reception regarding a call from a carer who states an elderly patient with dementia has claimed she does not receive her medication as her family have taken this off her and locked it away.

What are your concerns?

What do you do?

What further information do you need?

Who might this involve?

Case 2

You receive a task from a practice nurse that a patient has not attend their mental health annual review.

What are the concerns?

What could you do next?

Case 3

You had a call listed on your triage for a new patient, with the reason stated as “as per letter”. You open the most recent letter which is from the midwife team at RBH, requesting medication to be started due to high risk pregnancy – the reason is listed as one stillbirth and one early pregnancy.

You try the pts number and can’t get through – it does not connect.

What do you do now?

You notice they need an interpreter and there are many people registered at the same address.

What are your concerns?

Case 4

You have a call on your list to the local nursing home regarding a patient who has had a past CVA. They have been deteriorating over time and they are now struggling to give the patient their medication. They also wonder if the patient now has a chest infection.

What are the concerns?

What further information could you ask?

What are your options?

Case 5

A young adult male pt attends for a f2f apt to assess a rash on their hands, you were not able to assess this remotely – via video call or photo due to quality of the photos so have decided to bring the pt in.

The patient was brought to the surgery by another male who is waiting outside the practice. The rash appears to be more burns and the patient is unclear about how go them. They just want it sorting so they can go.

What are the concerns?

What could you do?

Case 6

You receive a request by the district nurse to visit a patient. The patient is in their 60s and has just come out of hospital following a fall. They are declining further input, which was put in place for dressing changes of a leg injury. The patient has diabetes. They have not attended for many annual reviews. They live alone and the district nurses are visiting due to reduce mobility since the fall.

What do you think the DNs concerns are?

What are your concerns?

What else could you check in the notes? What next steps could you take in this scenario?