MRCGP Examinations


Applied Knowledge Test and the Recorded Consultation Assessment

This page will contain links to useful resources to help with examination preparation.

Guide to Examinations

Remember the best preparation for both exams is seeing patients and seeking feedback on your consultations.

Exam FAQ’s

See the RCGP website for up to date examination information:

Can I apply for study leave for private study days prior to an exam?

[HEE NW] does not encourage the taking of private study leave for any reason. This includes exam preparation, as the best preparation for both AKT and CSA is consulting and reflecting on casework.

The AKT and CSA are both mandatory exams and attendance should be allowed without having to use any of your study leave days.

If I am taking one of the mandatory exams (as stated above), does this count as one of my study leave days?

No this will be regarded as professional leave and will not be recorded as a study leave day and or be deducted from your annual allowance (30 days per year). However, if you are taking a non-mandatory exam then this will need to be approved by your Educational Supervisor/TPD and will be recorded as a study leave day. 

Applied Knowledge Test

Bradford VTS Guide


Recorded Consultation Assessment

RCA Calibration Tool

We are proud to share our Bolton-developed RCA Calibration Tool, a series of videos and expert analysis to help prepare trainees for consultation analysis and calibration to RCGP standards.

RCA Calibration Tool

Let’s RCA!