Year 1 GP Trainee (ST1) Teaching Programme

ST1 Teaching 2023-2024

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ST1 teaching takes place either in the Education Centre at Bolton Hospital or via Zoom on select Thursday afternoons during a 12 month period.

Please note that the following schedule is subject to change depending on room and speaker availability. All sessions start at 1400 in the Education Centre unless otherwise specified

ST1 August 2023- July 2024

Session IDLocationDateSession
IndEducation Centre17/8/23Extended Induction (GPST new to NHS only)
IndEducation Centre17/8/23Extended Induction (GPST new to NHS only)
1Lecture Theatre, Education Centre7/9/23Introduction, E-portfolio & Assessments (Dr K Rothwell)
2Lecture Theatre, Education Centre28/09/23How GP Works (Dr K Rothwell)
3Lecture Theatre, Education Centre12/10/23Learning Styles and Worry Bin (Julian Page)
4Lecture Theatre, Education Centre19/10/23Lower Limb Problems
5Lecture Theatre, Education Centre26/10/23Team-working, Group Skills and Chairing (Julian Page)
6Lecture Theatre, Education Centre   9/11/23Consultation skills
7Lecture Theatre, Education Centre30/11/23Minor Illnesses (Dr Tom Hargreaves)
8Lecture Theatre, Education Centre14/12/23Women’s Health (TBC)
9Lecture Theatre, Education Centre4/01/24 Ethics (Dr Julian Page)
10Lecture Theatre, Education Centre11/01/24Consultation Skills
11Lecture Theatre, Education Centre15/02/24Primary care Cardiology  (Dr Tom Hargreaves)
12Lecture Theatre, Education Centre29/02/24CKD & Explanation (Dr Derek Adu-Sarkodie)
14Lecture Theatre, Education Centre14/03/24Asthma and COPD (Dr Kat Rothwell)
15Lecture Theatre, Education Centre18/04/24Rheumatology (Dr Adam Hancock)
16Lecture Theatre, Education Centre25/04/24Primary Care Paediatrics (Dr C MacKinnon)
17Lecture Theatre, Education Centre9/05/24AKT Preparation (Dr Kat Rothwell)
18Lecture Theatre, Education Centre  6/06/24Anxiety and Depression (Dr Kat Rothwell)
19Lecture Theatre, Education Centre13/06/24Consultation skills
20Lecture Theatre, Education Centre27/06/24Dealing with uncertainty, career options & Course Evaluation (Kat/Julian Page)
Session IDLocationDateSession