Year 2 GP Trainee (ST2) Teaching Programme

Year 2 GP Trainee (ST2) Teaching Programme

In ST2, trainees will experience a mixture of placements, both hospital and community/GP-based.

To support this we run two separate teaching programmes.

During one GP/GP+ post, trainees will attend a fortnightly communications skills course, run by an experienced Bolton-based group of GP Trainers.

During the whole year, all trainees will attend a fortnightly education session, which will feature a largely clinically-based set of topics with a focus on developing clinical excellence related to primary care.

It doesn’t matter which order you attend ST2A and ST2B – the content in the two semesters don’t overlap. This means for full-time trainees starting in February or August they can attend sessions safe in the knowledge they won’t have to repeat things.

ST2 teaching 2023 – 2024

  • ST2 – A “Applying Clinical Knowledge” August 2023 – January 2024
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In ST2-A we focus on clinical topic areas that you may not get to experience during training, as well as developing your skills as an independant adult learner.

The 2023 ST2A semester begins in September at the Education Centre

  • ST2 – B “Caring for the Whole Person” February 2024 – July 2024
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In ST2-B we focus on patient demographic groups and look at how this affects health and disease.

The 2024 ST2B semester begins on Tuesday 20th February at 1400 in the Lecture Theatre at the Education Centre

  • ST2 – Consultation Skills Course

The Consultation Skills Course runs twice a year, starting in February and August. You will allocated to one of these groups of sessions, which run complimentary to the ST2A and ST2B programmes.

Consultation Skills Course