Past ST3 Teaching

ST3-A August 2022 – January 2023

Thanks to all trainees that gave us feedback on the semester, here is our summary report

The ST3-A Teaching Schedule was as follows:

In the first few weeks of the day release programme, we run two concurrent courses depending on what stage of ST3 you are in. For those new to ST3, you should attend the RCA course sessions. Those who are already ST3 should attend the Advanced Consultation SKills Course. Both courses occur twice a year so all ST3s will get to experience the sessions.

Sessions in white are not scheduled teaching sessions and you should arrange your own educational activity for these times, in line with your individual job plan.

Please be aware that sessions may need to change at short notice due to presenter and room availability – we will inform trainees by email if this is the case.

Please attend sessions ready to start at the advertised time in line with our attendance policy. Repeated late attendance will be be flagged as a cause for concern.

Each session is mapped to the Areas of Capability (AoC) in the RCGP Curriculum (see the AoC column for details) to help guide your reflective portfolio entries. We strongly recommend making a portfolio log for each session you attend.

Breakfast Club

New to ST3 this year is “Breakfast Club”! Both national surveys and our own trainees tell us that having the opportunity to meet and bond with other ST3s is a vital part of their training and wellbeing. We will now start each morning session at the slightly earlier time of 9am with a general discussion topic accompanied by hot drinks and breakfast snacks.

We’ll explain further at our first session.

RoomAfternoon 1330-1530RoomAoC
 New StartersExisting ST3    
10 AugRCA Prep (unsupervised)SR23 4 5 6 7
17 AugRCA Prep (unsupervised)SR23 4 5 6 7
24 AugWelcome, Introductions (Speed Meeting),
Group Rules (timeliness, RCA, Absence)
SR2All About YouSR21 9 12
31 AugRCA Prep(unsupervised)SR2 SR23 4 5 6 7
7 SeptRivington Walk: All about you(KR/SP)P BOLTON ICS Teaching: Mental Health 1 3 4 7 9 10 12 13
14 SeptConsultation Models (KR/SP)RCA Prep (unsupervised)SR1/SR2 SR23 4 5 6 7

RCA Submission Deadline 1300 Wednesday 21st September

DateMorning 0900-1230RoomAfternoon 1330-1530RoomAoC
 New StartersExisting ST3    
21 SeptRCA Prep 1: How to Approach the RCA (Dr Ian Hamer, RCGP Examiner & KR)  ACS1: Positive Case Reviews – what went well (SP)LT/SR1/SR2Trainee interviewsSR21 3 4 8 10
28 SeptRCA Prep 2: Focussed Examination (KR)ACS2: Accepting Imperfection (SP)SR1/SR2Prescribing Effectively (Jole Hannan & SP)SR23 4 5 6 8 11 13
5 OctRCA Prep 3: Patient-Centred Management (KR/SP)PDP/Leadership/ Prescribing TimeSR1/SR2/ DR1/DR2BOLTON ICS Teaching: End of Life 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13
12 OctBeyond Labels – Understanding Patient BehaviourSally Heady (SP)SR1RCA Prep 4: Examiner – Critique & Benchmarking (SP)SR22 3 8 10
19 OctPDP/Leadership/ Prescribing TimeRCA Prep (unsupervised)DR1ACS3: Patient-Centred and Doctor Efficient Consultations (SP)SR23 4 7 8 10

AKT 26th October

26 OctStudy  DaySR1/SR2  Study DaySR2 
2 NovRCA Prep 5/ACS4: Consultations with Actors (KR & SP)SR1/SR2/DR1 BOLTON ICS Teaching: PaediatricsSR23 4 6 7 8 10 12 13
9 NovGreat Explanations (KR & SP)SR1/SR2 3 4

RCA Submission Deadline 1300 Wednesday 16th November

16 NovWellbeing Day (KR & SP)SR1/SR2/ DR1Wellbeing DaySR21 9 10 12
23 NovPRIME 1 (University of Manchester)SR1 / DR1SR29 10 12
30 NovPRIME 2 (University of Manchester)SR1 / DR1SR29 10 12
7 DecTeamwork & Belbin Roles (SP & KR)SR1/SR2/ DR1/DR2 BOLTON ICS Teaching: Urology1 4 9 10 11 12 13
14 DecBLS/AED (SP/KR)SR1/SR2Xmas LunchSR24 5 7 9 10
21 DecSR2 
28 Dec 
4 Jan 
11 JanPractical Ethics (SP)SR1/DR11 2 8 10 12
18 JanAdult Safeguarding Sarah Kiely (SP)SR1Non direct patient facing GP work (SP)SR22 8 9 11 12 13

RCA Submission Deadline 1300 Tuesday 24th January

AKT Wednesday 25th January

25 JanChild Safeguarding (Charlotte & Gabi) (SP/KR)SR1Career Options Partner and Salaried roles (SP & KR) 2 8 9 11 12 13
1 FebST3B Begins BOLTON ICS Teaching: Gastroenterology  

Areas of Capability

  1. Fitness to practise – the doctor’s awareness of when his/her own performance, conduct or health, or that of others, might put patients at risk, and taking action to protect patients
  2. Maintaining an ethical approach – practising ethically, with integrity and a respect for diversity 
  3. Communication and consultation skills – communication with patients, and the use of recognised consultation techniques
  4. Data gathering and interpretation – for clinical judgement, choice of physical examination and investigations and their interpretation
  5. Clinical examination and procedural skills – competent physical examination of the patient with accurate interpretation of physical signs and the safe practice of procedural skills
  6. Making a diagnosis / decisions – a conscious, structured approach to decision making
  7. Clinical management – recognition and management of common medical conditions in primary care
  8. Managing medical complexity – aspects of care beyond managing straightforward problems, including management of co-morbidity, uncertainty, risk and focusing on health rather than just illness
  9. Working with colleagues and in teams – working effectively with other professionals to ensure good patient care, including sharing information with colleagues
  10. Maintaining performance, learning and teaching – maintaining performance and effective CPD for oneself and others
  11. Organisation, management and leadership – an understanding of the use of computer systems to augment the GP consultation and primary care at individual and systems levels, the management of change, and the development of organisational and clinical leadership skills 
  12. Practising holistically, promoting health and safeguarding – operating in physical, psychological, socioeconomic and cultural dimensions, taking into account feelings as well as thoughts
  13. Community orientation – management of the health and social care of the practice population and local community 

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