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About us

About Our Training Programme

In order to become GPs, qualified doctors need to apply to join a Specialty Training Programme.

This is currently a 3 year programme. Training starts in Hospital and then moves into General Practice. There are a wide variety of combinations of hospital posts and practices to choose from. Potential applicants have to undergo a recruitment and selection process. During training GP Trainees have Clinical Supervisors in each placement and an Educational Supervisor overseeing their training. There are a series of assessments including a knowledge based exam (AKT), a clinical assessment  exam (CSA) and assessments that are undertaken within the workplace. Trainees and their supervisors use an online record system known as the eportfolio. This documents progress towards certification.

The GP ST Education sessions mainly take place online. During the second year of training, as well as clinical education sessions, Trainees attend a series of communication skills sessions. During the third year a structured programme of all day education sessions takes place on Wednesdays. Additionally to help Trainees prepare for the CSA (Clinical Skills Assessment) exam, small group sessions are arranged with Actors playing the part of patients and formative feedback is given from a GP Facilitator, the Actor, and other Trainees in the group.

To meet the certification requirements of the Royal College of General Practitioners, as well as gaining experience in hospital and community placements and working in a GP surgery, Trainees also have to undertake sessions at a GP Out of Hours Centre.

Information about the assessments and exams can be found on The Royal College of General Practitioners Website here: http://www.rcgp.org.uk/gp-training-and-exams.aspx