Required Training

CPR, AED and Safeguarding

To gain RCGP, trainees must demonstrate evidence of Safeguarding learning as well as competency in Basic Life Support and the use of an AED.

For BLS, a certificate must be issued by a Resuscitation Council (UK) instructor or equivalent, and conform to the Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines in place at that time.

For safeguarding, you need to have demonstrated some form of knowledge update in your ePortfolio annually and a reflective log entry on both adult and child safeguarding.

RCGP requirements

Safeguarding Training

We put on sessions meeting level 3 of Safeguarding Adults and Safeguarding Children in ST3-A each year (usually held in December/January).

We also discuss safeguarding issues as part of training in ST1 and ST2.

Many training practices have access to online learning modules (such as BlueStreamAcademy), and all trainees can access modules on Using e-Learning for Health is recommended as modules are NHS-recognised and so are transferrable between organisations. Additionally;

From an ARCP point-of-view, your portfolio should contain evidence of discussion around safeguarding issues you have experienced during your clinical work.

Basic Life Support (BLS) and Automated External Debrillator (AED) Training

We hold a session for BLS and AED training in conjunction with Bolton FT in ST3-A each year.

Many practices will hold a BLS update for their own staff also.

Online BLS/AED courses are no longer acceptable for MRCGP.