Year 2 GP Trainee (ST2) Teaching Programme

ST2-B January 2024 – July 2024

This page contains information related to the ST2-B teaching schedule, beginning in February 2024.

Teaching takes place on Tuesday afternoons from 1300-1700. Sessions begin at 1400 or 1430 and most will be in the Lecture Theatre at the Education Centre.

Your training practice should ensure you are released from clinical duties by 1300 as the 4 hour structured educational session begins at 1300 and lasts until 1700. We include time within that to have pre-teaching case-based discussion and post-teaching portfolio reflection.

20th February1400Introduction to ST2
Learning Disability
Dr Seb Pillon
Education Centre
5th March1400Lifestyle MedicineDr Sandra Quenault
Education Centre
19th March1400Primary Care PaediatricsDr Hannah Riley
High Lane Medical Centre
Education Centre
2nd April1400tbcDr Seb Pillon
Education Centre
16th April 1400Asylum Seeker & Refugee HealthcareDr Sarah Kiely
Asylum Seeker Consultation Service, GMMH
Education Centre
30th April1400Adverse Childhood Events and Trauma-Focussed CareDr Hannah Cappleman
Education Centre
14th May1400Clinical Cases in GenomicsDr Glenda Beaman & Kate Dac, ManGENEducation Centre
28th May1430Rural MedicineDr Richard Moss
Tadcaster Medical Centre
Zoom/MS Teams
11th June1400Mother & Baby – Postnatal Check & BreastfeedingDr Hannah Riley
High Lane Medical Centre
Education Centre
26th June1400Gender MedicineDr Seb Pillon
Education Centre
2nd JulyReserve Date

ST2 Communication Skills Sessions

You will complete the Communication Skills course during one of the two ST2 blocks (usually the one where you are based fully in General Practice).

Seesions are led by Dr Julian Tomkinson, and are usually held in the Education Centre.

13/02/2024Comms Skills 114:0017:00
27/02/2024Comms Skills 214:0017:00
12/03/2024Comms Skills 314:0017:00
26/03/2024Comms Skills 414:0017:00
09/04/2024Comms Skills 514:0017:00
23/04/2024Comms Skills 614:0017:00
07/05/2024Comms Skills 714:0017:00
21/05/2024Comms Skills 814:0017:00
04/06/2024Comms Skills 914:0017:00
18/06/2024Comms Skills 1014:0017:00


There are 10 sessions of teaching per ST2 semester. In one semester only, half of the year group will also attend the ST2 Consultation Skills Course, run by Julian Tomkinson. You will be contacted about this directly.

When teaching is not scheduled, you should use the time to complete online or other learning, such as:

  • TALC and Healthy English
    • These courses have been developed by GP Educators in Greater Manchester and teach consultation skills and improving the use of English when consulting
  • NHS e-learning for health
  • RCGP e-learning
  • Gateway-C: Learning around cancer diagnosis and management within primary care
  • Arrange to attend outpatient clinics (such as ENT, Surgical Acute Referral Clinic, Ophthalmology, Gynaecology, Physiotherapy, Antenatal Clinic, Paediatrics, Breast Clinic etc)
    • You should contact clinics directly to request to join them. It’s useful if their know your learning objective(s) for the session in advance.
  • AKT Study groups
    • If given enough notice, the Postgraduate team may be able to book you a room for this in the Education Centre, and we also encourage the use of MS Teams via your email address to meet up online – practising using video is a key part of the SCA exam!