Year 2 GP Trainee (ST2) Teaching Programme

ST2 Resources

This page contains resources from the past ST2-A and ST2-B Programmes.

How Primary Care Works

Local Organisations

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Shared Care

Shared care requires the agreement of all parties, including the patient. If you recommend that a colleague…prescribes a particular medicine for a patient, you must consider their competence to do so. You should provide both the GP and the patient with sufficient information to permit the safe management of the patient’s condition. You should be willing to answer their questions and otherwise assist them in caring for the patient, as required.

GMC; Good practice in prescribing and managing medicines and devices

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Introduction Session/How to AKT

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Case Discussions in GP


Fit Note

Ear Wax

Bolton FT Audiology

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Common and Chronic Illness

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Primary Care Paediatrics

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RCGP Genomics Toolkit:

Genomics Education in Health Education England


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Alasdair Munro Tweetorial on viral exanthems:

School/Nursery Exclusion Advice & poster

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Functional Illness & Chronic Pain

Communicating with healthcare professionals about chronic pain (HealthTalk)

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Palliative Medicine

Presentations by Dr Laura Edwards

The following presentations are not for redistributions without the express consent of the author

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Learning Disability

Facts and Statistics

NORD Rare Diseases Database


“My inner feelings are unlimited, but my mind only lets me express extremes or nothing.”

Ethan Lisi Twitter icon@ethan_lisi

What Does it Feel Like to Have Autism? | Autism Awareness | Operation Ouch

The Party: a virtual experience of autism – 360 film – this video is greatly enhanced by wearing headphones

Language and Communication


Down’s Syndrome

(BBC Three) Things People With Down’s Syndrome are Tired of Hearing:

LGBT Health

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