Past ST1 Teaching

Here is information about past ST1 Teaching Programmes:


ST1 Teaching 2022-2023

ST1 teaching takes place either in the Education Centre at Bolton Hospital or via Zoom on select Thursday afternoons during a 12 month period.

Please note that the following schedule is subject to change depending on room and speaker availability. All sessions start at 1400 in the Education Centre unless otherwise specified

ST1 August 2022- January 2023

1SR118th AugIntroductions. How the programme works
2L/T1st SeptE-portfolio & Assessments
(Reuben and Amro)
3S/R1/LT15th SeptLearning Styles and Worry Bin
(Julian Page )
4L/T29th SeptHow General Practice Works
(Julian Page)
5SR113th OctLower Limb Problems
6SR227th OctTeam-working, Group Skills and Chairing
(Julian Page)
7SR110th NovConsultations skills
8SR11st DecMinor Illnesses
(Dr Tom Hargreaves)
9SR115th  DecMenopause and HRT
(Dr Rebecca Cruickshank)
10L/T5th Jan Ethics  
(Dr Julian Page)
11SR126th JanConsultation skills

ST1 February 2023 – July 2023

All sessions take place in the Lecture Theatre at the Education Centre, starting at 1400, unless otherwise specified

#LocationDateTopic (Guest Speaker)
12L/T16th FebPrimary care Cardiology  (Dr Tom Hargreaves)
13L/T23rd FebCKD & Explanation (Dr Derek Adu-Sarkodie)
14L/T2nd MarchAsthma and COPD (Dr Kat Rothwell)
15L/T23rd MarchSession TBC
16L/T27th AprilPrimary Care Paediatrics (Dr C MacKinnon)
17L/T18th MayAKT Preparation (Dr Kat Rothwell)
18L/T25th MayAnxiety and Depression (Dr Kat Rothwell)
 19L/T15th JuneConsultation skills
20L/T29th  JuneDealing with uncertainty, career options & Course Evaluation (Kat/Julian Page)

ST1 Teaching Programme 2019-20
115th Aug 2019Introductions. How the Programme works (Julian Page)
229th AugProgramme Director’s Introduction (Nick Pendleton)
36th SeptLearning Styles and Worry Bin (JP)
412th SeptConsulting in General Practice (JP)
53rd OctTeam-working, Group Skills and Chairing (Kat Rothwell)
617th OctProfessionalism, e-portfolio familiarisation (JP)
731st OctHow General Practice works (JP)
814th NovMinor Illnesses (Kat Rothwell)
95th DecContraception (Helen Wall)
1019th Jan 2020IHD and Managing Change (Kat Rothwell) IHD for ST1 Managing Change in Patients
1123rd Jan: Reserve Session
1213th FebClinical Governance (JP) & NEW TRAINEES MEET TPD
1327th FebCKD and Explanation (Helen Wall) akt-renal handout
1412th MarchAsthma & COPD (Kat Rothwell)
1526th MarchDiabetes (Sheetal Saggar)
16 23rd AprilAKT Preparation (Kat Rothwell)
1721st MayEthics (JP)
1825th JuneDealing with uncertainty, career options & Course Evaluation
Second Reserve Session: 4th June 2020
ST1 Teaching Programme 2018-19

Link to ST1 feedback results 2019

116th Aug 2018Introductions. How the Programme works (Julian Page)
223rd AugProgramme Director’s Introduction (Nick Pendleton)   Link to ST1 intro Aug 2018
36th SeptLearning Styles and Worry Bin (JP)
413th SeptConsulting in General Practice (JP)
54th OctTeam-working, Group Skills and Chairing (Kat Rothwell)
618th OctProfessionalism, e-portfolio familiarisation (JP)
71st NovHow General Practice works (JP)
815th NovMinor Illnesses (Kat Rothwell)
96th DecContraception (Helen Wall)
1010th Jan 2019IHD and Managing Change (Kat Rothwell)
1124th Jan:    Reserve Session
1214th FebClinical Governance (JP)
1328th FebCKD and Explanation (Helen Wall)
1414th MarchAsthma & COPD (Kat Rothwell)
1528th MarchDiabetes (Sheetal Saggar)
16 11th AprilAKT Preparation (Kat Rothwell)
1723rd MayEthics (JP)
1827th JuneDealing with uncertainty, career options & Course Evaluation

2nd Reserve Session: 13th June (Session 19)

ST1 Teaching Programme 2017-18
110th AugIntroductions. How the programme works (NP, JP)
217thAugE-portfolio & Assessments (JP, NP)
324th AugLearning Styles and Worry Bin (Julian Page)
47th SeptTeam-working, Group Skills and Chairing (Kat Rothwell)
55th OctConsulting in General Practice (Julian Page)
626th OctProfessionalism (JP)  e-portfolio familiarisation
716th NovHow General Practice works? (Julian Page)
87th DecMinor Illnesses (Kat Rothwell)
911th JanContraception (Helen Wall)
1025th JanIHD and Managing Change (Kat Rothwell)   IHD for ST1- Kat Rothwell Managing Change in Patients
1115th FebClinical Governance (Julian Page) NEW ST1 INDUCTION 2PM
121st MarEthics (Julian Page)
1315th MarchAsthma & COPD (Kat Rothwell)
1412th AprilClinical Governance (Julian Page)
1526th AprilAKT Preparation (Kat Rothwell)
1624th MayCKD and Explanation (Helen Wall)
1714th JuneDiabetes (Sheetal Saggar)
1828th JuneDealing with uncertainty, career options & Course Evaluation
ST1 Teaching Programme 2016-17
118thAugIntroductions, E-portfolio & Assessments (JP, NP)
225th AugLearning Styles and Worry Bin (Julian Page)
38th SeptConsulting in General Practice (Julian Page)
429th SeptTeam-working, Group Skills and Chairing (Kat Rothwell)
513th OctProfessionalism (JP) e-portfolio familiarisation
627th OctHow General Practice works? (Julian Page)
717th NovMinor Illnesses (Kat Rothwell)
81st DecContraception (Helen Wall)
95th JanReserve session
1019th JanIHD and Managing Change (Kat Rothwell)
119th FebAsthma and COPD (Kat Rothwell)
1223rd FebReserve session
1316th MarchCKD & Explanation (Helen Wall)
1430th MarchClinical Governance (Julian Page)
1527th AprilDiabetes (Sheetal Saggar)
1625th MayAKT Preparation (Kat Rothwell)
171st JuneReserve session
1815th JuneEthics (Julian Page)
1929th JuneDealing with uncertainty, career options & Course Evaluation
2013th JulyReserve session
ST1 Teaching Programme 2015-16
Link to ST1 Welcome 2015

20th August 2015: Introductions, e-Portfolio & Assessments (Nick Pendleton and Julian Page and ST2Trainee helpers)

Link to ST1 introduction 2015

27th August 2015 Learning Styles and Worry Bin (Julian Page)

10th September 2015: Team-working, Group Skills and Chairing (Kat Rothwell)

1st October 2015: Consulting in General Practice (Julian Page)

15th October 2015: Professionalism, e-Portfolio Familiarisation (Julian Page and Trainee helpers)

5th November 2015: Contraception (Helen Wall)

26th November 2015: How General Practice works (Julain Page)

10th December 2015: Minor Ailments in General Practice (Kat Rothwell)

7th January 2016:

21st January 2016: IHD and Managing Change in GP (Kat Rothwell)

25th February 2016: CKD and Explanation (Helen Wall)

3rd March 2016: Reserve Session

17th March 2016: Asthma and COPD (Kat Rothwell)

7th April 2016 Ethics (Julian Page)

28th April 2016: Diabetes (Sheetal Saggar)

Link to presentation Diabetes Mellitus 2016

26th May 2016: Clinical Governance (Julian Page)

2nd June: AKT Preparation (Kat Rothwell)

16th June 2016:

30th June 2016: Dealing with Uncertainty, Career Options and Course Evaluation (Julian Page)

14th July: Reserve Session

 ST1 Teaching Programme 2014-15

21st August –  Introductions, E-portfolio & Assessments: Nick Pendleton & Julian Page

28th August –  Learning Styles & E-portfolio: Julian Page

11th September –  Team-working, group skills and chairing: Kat Rothwell & JP

2nd October –  TBA & Worry Bin: Julian Page

16th October –  Contraception: Helen Wall

6th November – Consulting in GP land: JP

27th Nov ember – How GP Works?: JP

11th Dec ember – Minor Ailment’s in General Practice: Kat Rothwell

8th January 2015- TBA

22nd January –  IHD & Managing change in patients: Kat Rothwell

26th February – Asthma & COPD: Kat Rothwell

12th March – CKD & Explanation: Helen Wall

26th March – *Diabetes: Sheetal Saggar

16th April – *Clinical Governance: JP

30th April – *Ethics: JP

28th May – AKT Preparation: Kat Rothwell

4th June – Dealing with Uncertainty, Career Options & Evaluation: JP

16th July – Reserve session

 ST1 Teaching Programme 2013-14

16th August – Introductions. Using the eportfolio and guide to assessments

30th August – Adult learning and learning styles. 2nd session on eportfolio

27th September – Teamworking, group skills and chairing

11th October – Contraception (Helen Wall)

22nd November – How GP works and worry bin

13th December – Minor ailments in General Practice (Kat Rothwell)

10th January – Practice admin and QOF

24th January – IHD and managing change in patients

21st February – CKD and explanations (Helen Wall)

14th March – Asthma and COPD

11th April – Diabetes (Sheetal Saggar)

2nd May – Clinical Governance

23rd May – Ethics

13th June – AKT preparation (Bev Hall) and course evaluation

27th June – Womens Health (Sheetal Saggar)

The sessions are lead by Julian Page unless otherwise stated.