No More Grey Wednesdays

Building on from the Shadowing period prior to your first FY1 placement, we strongly encourage that you meet with the FY1 trainee you will follow into your second and third placement.

Why take part?

The No More Grey Wednesdays scheme was launched to minimise the disorientation felt by Trainees when they start work in another department – with a new team, new patients and an overall different way of doing things.

By giving you a chance to meet the team/patients and understand your role/responsibilities, this scheme has proven to benefit patient safety, increase trainee confidence and maintain hospital flow.

The best part about this scheme is that you’re paired with a fellow trainee who is currently in that department.  Who better to give you a full account of the ins and outs of daily working life?

How does it work?

The Foundation Programme Administrator will work out the pairings; you just need to arrange the day.