HORUS – e-portfolio

Like an online, interactive journal, HORUS is used to document your learning during your two years on the Foundation Programme.

Your e-portfolio will help you to plan your learning, highlight areas needing extra attention and to demonstrate progression via:

  • Teaching attendance records and tutor feedback
  • Regular meetings with your Educational and Clinical Supervisors
  • End of placement meetings with your Foundation Programme Directors
  • Supervised Learning Events (SLEs)
  • Core procedures completed (practical)
  • Core skills completed (theory)
  • Links to e-learning for Healthcare topics
  • Reflective reports
  • Team Assessments of Behaviour
  • Personal Development Plan
  • End of placement reports

It is your responsibility to keep your e-portfolio up to date.  It will be reviewed throughout your training to assess progress against specific milestones, and ultimately used as evidence during your Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP), scheduled at the end of each Foundation Year.

HORUS has a dedicated technical support team, plus there is on-site content support via the Foundation Programme Administrator.