Preparation for Professional Practice

The Preparation for Professional Practice period will include a mixture of the following:

Information sessions, including:

  • ID Badges issued
  • Smart card appointments
  • Hospital Tour
  • Plus more…

Team introductions, including:

  • foundation Programme Team
  • Library team
  • Simulation and Skills Centre team
  • Acute Response Team
  • Occupational Health
  • Health Informatics
  • Pharmacy Team
  • Clinical Pathways
  • Point of Care Team
  • Service Improvement (Audit and QI)
  • IT FAQs
  • Plus more…

Formal training, including:

  • Forward to Basics
  • Blood Cultures
  • Additional Clinical Skills (if deemed necessary per trainee)
  • Ask To See the Patient (presented by current FY1 trainees)
  • Royal College of Physician’s Evening Medical Update (live webinar)

Shadowing time, including:

This shadowing is designed to put you ahead when starting work on your first official day.

Scheduled for the day before you start in the department you will accompany your FY1 buddies whilst they work, meet the teams you will work with and get to grips with a standard working day.

There are also 2 voluntary shadowing opportunities on Monday 27th July and Tuesday 28th July if you wish to have more experience. If you would like to work these days please contact the Foundation Programme Administrator who can arrange these for you.