Mid Term Assessment (MTA)

Guide to Mid term assessment and MTA paperwork

This will take place approximately half way through your ST3 year. It is a time for you and your trainer to review your progress with the help of trainers from outside your practice. It allows a fresh look at where you are and helps you plan the rest of your year constructively based on your individual learning needs.

A properly carried out assessment will help you to redefine your goals and aims during your time in your training practice. It should highlight weak points at a time when something can still be done to correct them. It is your opportunity to give feedback on how you are coping with different aspects of practice life. Most importantly, it can act as a stimulus for you and the trainer in ensuring the best use of your remaining time as a trainee and focus on important issues the assessment may have flagged before you are heading for your final assessments and certification.

The mid-term assessment is not a part of the RCGP assessment structure, but something which we at Reading VTS have found very helpful over time. In addition to the other paperwork you should record a summary of the discussion in your eportfolio as a professional conversation.