Undertaking Additional Work

The recently published CoPMED ‘Guidance for Trainees and Trainers on Undertaking Additional Work Whilst in a Postgraduate Medical Education Training Programme’ is below. It is important that all are familiar with this guidance. It ‘comes into force’ immediately. Please read and become familiar with the entire guidance but a few key points are listed below.

  • All additional work that requires a licence to practice must be declared to the Responsible Officer (RO) on Form R
  • The employer, placement provider and RO must be made aware off all additional work.
  • Individuals must not work beyond their capability as described in Good Medical Practice.
  • Additional work must not be undertaken during periods of absence for study or sickness….when we start collecting the sickness data if we establish a trainee has a high level of sickness, as their employer, we would stop the trainee undertaking the additional work
  • Additional work will not impact on achieving educational goals. Trainees in periods of extended training (unsatisfactory ARCP) should not normally undertake any additional work.
  • GP trainees can only work in an approved practice setting subject to the regulations of the performers list. If working in other settings, such as hospital practice, this must be within current capabilities which will usually be a role that the doctor has undertaken in the previous 2 years.
  • Repetitive additional work should lead to a review of LTFT training schedule or eligibility.
  • LTFT for health reasons is unlikely to support additional working.

Guidance on Undertaking Additional Work