Useful Forms, Links etc

For Information and guidance regarding all employment issues, payments or reimbursements to trainees including indemnity, expenses, travel etc. refer to the single lead employer documents and website.

The VTS and Deanery teams are responsible for the educational aspects of your training but are not involved in your employment.  For queries regarding anything to do with your contracts or pay you will need to contact the single lead employer 

For attention of ST3s on Tier 2 visas

We are delighted to be able to let you know that the Home Office have agreed that HEE can continue to act as your Tier 2 visa sponsor for 3 months beyond your CCT date even though we will no longer be your employer. We appreciate that this issue has been causing considerable stress and concern. The Home Office has requested a single list of the Tier 2 GPSTs to be returned to them, which will help to relieve pressures on UKVI and speed up the process. Could you please contact the Overseas Sponsorship Team on to confirm if you would like to take the opportunity for the 3 months extension or if you do not require this (for example you have obtained sponsorship with another employer).