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The new curriculum has been released and imported to the ePortfolio – this is not part of the changes to the WPBA that are due to be implemented in August 2020. The only change to the WPBA requirements is the new prescribing assessment pilot.

As part of this change the curriculum has been replaced by Patient Experience Groups and the Competencies are now named Capabilities. Previously we expected that a minimum of 5 curriculum entries would be sufficient to show exposure to relevant areas by the end of ST3.  This was to include theoretical and practical application.

The old curriculum has not been lost and will be reviewed as well as logs linked to the new Patient Experience Groups at ESRs and ARCP.

 There are no set numbers of logs that are required for the experience groups but ideally all 13 capabilities should be demonstrated across all 8 patient experience groups at least once, ideally in each review period but certainly within each year. For OOHs all Capabilities will need to be demonstrated across the patient experience group 6, “People requiring urgent and unscheduled care”.

 The new e portfolio platform will be introduced in August 2020 with the new assessment schedule.

 Please see the RCGP website for details of all changes.