Covid 19

As at 18/08/20 – The COVID-19 trainee information webpage has now been refreshed, following our suggestions for improvement to the comms team. You may recall that our original request was submitted in June, so this has been delayed some time.

The digital team were unable to accept all of our suggestions; however, the drop down menus have been renamed and reorganised into categories that should be easier for trainees to navigate:

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Covid -19 : Latest Head of School update

Latest update from St Helens and Knowsley


I have been asked by our GP registration team to send you an update on how COVID has impacted on our GP registration processes this summer.  As you are aware, MRCGP exams and the final ARCPs are happening quite differently this year and this has had an impact on the CCT schedule.

Due to the tight timescales it is likely some GPs will not have their physical CCT certificate when they are due to start work.  This year employers and PL processes will need to use the GMC List of Registered Medical Practitioners when undertaking relevant checks.

Proof of GP Registration

Prospective employers and those managing the  Performers List requirements should refer to the GMC’s online medical register to confirm that a trainee has their CCT and is on the GP register.

Trainees will still receive their paper Certificate of Completion of Training, although this may be after they are on the register due to the short timeframe of exam results being published and end of training dates this year.


No GPRs have actually “ applied “ in the true sense to join the MPL since August 2016 – GP Registrars (GPRs) have been included in the NHS England Medical Performers List based on a declaration of suitability from the Head of Schools within Health Education England (HEE). This arrangement was intended to be interim whilst the amendment to the England Performers Lists Regulations removing the requirement for GPRs to be included on the List was enacted, or until Primary Care Support England (PCSE) on line went live whichever was the earliest.

I’m afraid that’s how long ago it was – the GPRs who CCT last August were the first cohort who were asked to sign declarations in line with Reg 9 of the PL regs. The declarations are normally signed as part of the application process and it’s at that point there is a 3 month window in which to apply, not once they are included.

So, the GPRs are already included on the list , there will be no requirement to apply, it’s a change of status that’s required and they can go online now and create themselves accounts ready to change their status as soon as their names appear on the GMC GP Register. As long as they have the evidence that they have submitted the change request there shouldn’t be a problem

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