Single Lead Employer

Single Lead Employer update as at 02/11/2020 – today we launch our new LE Helpdesk – 0151 478 7777 Following a period of review with the direct team and our internal and external colleagues, we have revised the teams and provide you with an update below.

With immediate effect the teams will be split into four designated areas of work moving away from the eight HEE Areas/Specialties. The existing HR Case Management team will make up a fifth designated area of work. There will be one direct number to the department – 0151 478 7777. The email addresses will remain unchanged. These new teams will be as follows:

Lead Employer Helpdesk Team

This will be a completely new way of working and we will have a fully functional helpdesk which will receive incoming calls and emails for all specialities and regions. There will be a direct telephone number for the Lead Employer which will be managed by the team 0151 478 7777. The key objective for the new team is to resolve queries at the first point of contact unless more complex when the trainee will be diverted to one of the specialist teams as outlined below who will be able to resolve. The team will be monitoring the types of calls and work closely with the communications team to use social media platforms effectively when themes begin to emerge. Roxanne Gibson is the Team Manager for the Helpdesk and the Team Leaders will be Andrea Taylor-Morgan and Jodie Greenall

Data & On-boarding Team

Responsible for all aspects of on-boarding of New Trainees, Contract Issue, advising Payroll of new starter information The Team will be headed by Angie McCoy with Team Leaders Nicola Kenyon and Rachel Potter supporting

Rotations & Contract Changes Team

Responsible for assessing and processing any changes associated with the employment of Trainees. This includes processing information provided by HEE in relation to the Training placements and updating employment status such as Maternity, Paternity, OOP, and changes in hours or grade. The team will be responsible for the TIS/ESR Interface and all aspects of the link between the Lead Employer and receipt of HEE Data. The team will be led by Gill Massey as Team Manager, with Rachel Murphy and Vicky Miller supporting as Team Leaders

Pay & Work Schedules Team

The team will be responsible for requesting work schedules as per rotation changes and for new starters and LTFT Trainees. The team will review and process applications for removals and excess mileage claims for all HEE Areas and will complete payroll audits. They will also be responsible for review of Lease Car Applications. Lyndsey McLoughlin is the Pay and Work Schedule Team Manager with Jayne Ashton and Tom Gerrard supporting as Team Leaders.

HR Case Management

The changes within Lead Employer will not affect the current HR Case Management team structure. However the LE Helpdesk will now take initial telephone calls from Trainees who may have originally contacted HR Case Management in the first instance for advice and guidance. Where appropriate, these calls will then be directed to a member of the HR Case Management team. For clarity, the current teams (including HR Case Management) will still receive calls to their own telephone numbers from colleagues at HEE however request that should trainees require a contact number that you refer them to the LE Helpdesk directly on 0151 478 7777.

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