Out of Programme Experience

Out of Programme Experience is not usual, and indeed not normally possible, for GPStRs, due to the short time scale of GP training. The HEKSS GP School however, will favourably consider any appropriate requests that are congruent with national guidance.

In Mid Sussex, under HEKSS, we provide the complete training for general practice, so there will be no need to gain experience in order to successfully complete your training but, for instance, you may wish to gain experience working with healthcare in a developing country.

This may also be possible, in exceptional circumstances, for a career break. You should discuss any request with your Programme Director before making this formally to the Head of School. There is an application form that is available from the GP Training Recruitment Manager. You do need to note that although if approved, HEKSS will continue the training when you return, but this may not be available in the area where you were training previously. Out of Programme time will be treated as unpaid leave by the School.