ST1 Specific Information

So, you are new to GP Land…

This is where you will find a wealth of information with regards to your VTS training in ST1 year.

During ST1 and ST2 years, most of your learning will be workplace-based from the clinical problems that you encounter.  This will be reinforced by departmental teaching programmes and other in-house educational activities.  In addition, there are several opportunities to improve the GP perspective on your learning such as the four month GP posts, study leave days in GP and attendance at the Half Day Release Programme.

ST1s and ST2s in hospital posts are welcome to attend VTS teaching sessions and are expected to attend at least 2 sessions per four month post. You will need to apply for study leave from the department to attend. The departments are aware that a minimum of 2 sessions per post is mandatory but you do have to work with the rota coordinator and usually give at least six weeks’ notice. Trainees in hospital posts are welcome at either Brighton or Mid Sussex VTS in order to fit in with their hospital posts but anyone in GP Practice should only attend their own scheme’s VTS.

Every MSVTS Trainee will have at least 4 months in General Practice in Specialty Training Year 1 (ST1) as well as in year 2 (ST2), making a total of 12 months across the first two years. The final year, ST3 is a full year of General Practice.

In some cases you may find yourself in the same surgery for two posts, however we do try to offer a different post, aligned with your Educational Supervisor in ST3.