Integrated Training Posts (ITPs)

ITPs (Integrated Training Posts) are offered to all GP posts in ST1/2 for full time trainees. They provide an opportunity for trainees to gain experience in another specialty.

ITPs are generally for two days per week during GP rotations.

GP placements are with ITPs offering the opportunity for experience of General Practice in the wider career setting. Some examples of current ITPs include: Dermatology, Paediatrics, GUM, ENT, Palliative care, Public Health, Breast Care, O&G, T&O,Frailty and Urgent Care.

Expectations: Normally two full days would be spent in the ITP post. This counts for 16 hours from your GP timetable and is made up of 12 hours Clinical and 4 hours Educational. You need to complete a CSR for your ITP as well as your GP post.

Hours: A day in ITP will be 8 hours and includes a minimum of 30 mins break. The ITP has to fit in with your GP timetable so will mainly be between the hours of 9-5 although some may differ to cover more educational elements such as attending clinics.

Allocation: ITPs are allocated to you along with your main posts before you start your training with us.