Integrated Training Posts (ITPs)

ITPs (Integrated Training Posts) are offered to all GP trainees in their ST1 year. They provide an opportunity for trainees to gain experience in another specialty.

  • ITPs are generally for one day per week during GP rotations.

A selection of ST1 GP placements are ITPs offering the opportunity for experience of General Practice in the wider career setting. Some examples of current ITPs include: dermatology, paediatrics, GUM, ENT, Palliative care, Medical Education and Clinical Commissioning. It is a great learning opportunity but be aware you may have less time in General Practice. ITPs are only available on certain days and this MUST fit in with your GP Practice and can only be given the go ahead if your Trainer doesn’t feel it would be detrimental to your training. Your time in GP and access to your trainer is priority.

Expectations: Normally one full day would be spent in the ITP post. This is time included in the new contract for the GP post, and some is educational and some is clinical. Each ITP post if set up differently, and there will be variations between these on how much time is patient facing and how much is education. But the exposure to patients and de-briefing afterwards, is an important part of learning and therefore falls into an educational, as well as clinical, category. Due to variations within and between posts it is not possible to provide a blue print that covers them all independently.

New contract: It has been agreed that ITP posts are split equally between educational and clinical time. Initially in the post there will be more induction, education and supervision, as experience increases the exposure will be more clinical in nature. But over the post as a whole it is anticipated that clinical and educational experience will be roughly equal.

Hours: A day in ITP will be 8 hours – 4 hours clinical and 4 hours education time, and includes a minimum of 30 mins break. Therefore, 4 hours of education time will be involved with attending the ITP placement. This may be different from your peers in non-ITP GP posts, when their equivalent 4 hour education session will be self-directed learning, and so may mean they do not attend the GP practice.

Allocation: The ITPs will be allocated to you at the start of your training. These are optional so you do have the option to opt out.