Your GP Posts

At least 24 months in General Practice.

You will have experience in GP placements for 4 months in your first or second year in the GP Training Programme (ST1 or ST2).

Your main placement in GP will be in your third year (ST3) which will be for the whole year. This year will allow you to consolidate your learning and really get to grips with the skills and knowledge required for managing patients as a GP. In addition to the workplace based assessments you will be undertaking the external assessments of the MRCGP, the AKT (this is normally taken in the ST3 year, but can be taken earlier) and the CSA.

You will have a close contact with your GP Trainer who will act as both your Educational and Clinical Supervisor (though in most Training Practices, there is wide variety of support from all members of the Primary Healthcare Team). It is important to be aware that all practising GPs are required to be on National Performers List for England and need to apply through the Local Area Team in which they work and GP trainees also need to be on this list too.

Every MSVTS Trainee will have 4 months in General Practice in Specialty Training Year 1 (ST1) or year 2 (ST2). The final year, ST3 is a full year of General Practice.

In some cases you may find yourself in the same surgery for both posts, however we do try to offer a different post, aligned with your Educational Supervisor in ST3.

A full list of the training practices in Mid Sussex and Brighton are listed on our website, together with contact details.

There are over 80 GP Trainers, some very experienced and some new, all of whom are enthusiastic about training and General Practice.

Your ST3 trainer will be your Educational Supervisor, and you will be informed who this is from the start of your programme in Mid Sussex and Brighton. They are there to guide and support you through your three years of training. Every six weeks or so, one trainer and their GP trainee run an evening session which is both educational and social – the GP Trainer/Trainee Evenings.

While you are working within a General Practice during your training, it is mandatory to attend the VTS teaching sessions.