LTFTT & Maternity

Maternity / Paternity

Leave is available for maternity and paternity.

Paternity entitlement is 2 weeks. Maternity entitlement up to one year.

Less Than Full Time Training (LTFFT)

The HEKSS GP School welcomes and supports applications from doctors who wish to train less than full-time.

Less than full time training (LTFT) can be from 50% of full-time. If you wish to train at less than full-time you should contact both the HEKSS GP Training Recruitment Manager and the HEKSS LTFT Department in order to have this organised. It is very important that, if you wish to start your training programme at less than full time, you have obtained approval for this beforehand. The GP School works closely with the Less Than Full Time/Specialty Workforce team to support less than full-time training in the hospital posts which form part of a GP training programme and has full responsibility for approving this for training in the GP placements. HEKSS provides information regarding eligibility and funding approval for the hospital posts which are normally undertaken either as job-shares (slotshares) with a colleague also training LTFT, or reduced sessions in a full-time post.

It is important to note that in order to ensure that the skills and competencies of all GP trainees continue to be developed, the RCGP require that trainees on less than full-time training will need to undertake the same number of most of the workplace based assessments for the MRCGP over the duration of their training.