Applying to Mid Sussex and Brighton VTS

Mid Sussex and Brighton VTS for General Practice is part of Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

All applications for GP Training are coordinated by the HEKSS application process. Enquiries via the Trainee Portal

Applications for Mid Sussex and Brighton should be made under the Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex “Brighton and Mid Sussex Training Programme”. You can select a preference for Mid Sussex or Brighton during the application process. There is no guarantee which training programme you will be given, however there are more training posts on the Mid Sussex programme.

A Word from Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex

The Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex School places the greatest importance on our trainees and their progress. We understand that learning a new set of information and skills, and demonstrating that knowledge and skills in assessments can provide a challenge, so we try to put as much support and help your way as possible

Induction to Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex training posts is an essential part of the process, so that you should not have to undertake the duties of a new post without clear guidance and information as to what you need to know. We like to ensure that this is happening on the ground, so the Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex GP School carries out inspections of all our GP training areas regularly and asks our GP trainees to feedback on their experience of every placement via our online feedback process and exit interviews. This means that we can keep a close eye on things and move to remedy any issues as early as possible and continue to enhance our processes for the next incumbent.

We know that it is not possible to provide every GP trainee with their ‘ideal’ spread of different clinical experience, if indeed such a thing exists. In order to tailor this to individual needs we have created a number of Integrated Training Posts that are based in general practice but permit you to have 2 days a week in another clinical area that is relevant to GP training. These are very popular and provide good feedback, but even if you do not have one on your rotation, you will have at least 24 months in a general practice post which will allow plenty of opportunity for any specific clinical learning needs to be addressed appropriately for general practice.

The School will provide you with a number of training days at no cost. These may be informational (e.g. information about the GP assessments), {CSA} training learning skills for telephone consulting, particularly in the out of hours situation. These various events may be held locally or centrally.

In addition, the School now has a comprehensive series of e-learning modules to support your learning about consulting with patients and the MRCGP and its assessments which can be completed in your own time.

The HEKSS GP School is committed to providing this enhanced level of support to GP trainees in order to give them the best possible chance of success in passing their MRCGP.

The School also provides a support structure for you, with your Educational Supervisor, your Programme Directors, and your Patch Associate GP Dean all available to help with any problems you may have. The majority of problems for trainees are dealt with locally and easily but there is a robust support network available for any situations that may need further help.

And you have a voice! There is an active committee of GP trainees in HEKSS that draws representation from every training area, and provides direct and close communication with the GP Dean and Head of the GP School.