ST3 Specific Information

Your final year…

Your main placement in GP will be in your third year (ST3) which will be for the whole year. This year will allow you to consolidate your learning and really get to grips with the skills and knowledge required for managing patients as a GP. In addition to the workplace based assessments you will be undertaking the external assessments of the MRCGP, the AKT (this is normally taken in the ST2 year, but can be taken in ST3 if not taken/passed before) and the RCA.

In your final GP post (in ST3), you will still receive debriefs after EVERY SINGLE SURGERY until you finish. However, the difference is that not every single patient will be reviewed. Initially, they will be but as you become more ready for independent practice, the doctor will end up selecting a few random patients to review to ensure all is okay. Again, make sure your debriefs are happening and if they are not – raise your concern with the Practice Manager AND your GP Trainer.

Every MSVTS Trainee will have 12 months in General Practice in Specialty Training Years 1 (ST1) and 2 (ST2). The final year, ST3 is a full year of General Practice.

In some cases you may find yourself in the same surgery for both posts, however we do try to offer a different post, aligned with your Educational Supervisor in ST3.