Important Documents

PLDP – Personalised Learning and Development Plan: trainees can complete a PLDP ahead of meeting their GP trainer or supervisor as it can help trainers to build a holistic view of the Doctor in Training, their progress, wellbeing, career, and other aspects that may be relevant to supporting them through GP training. Further information/guidance on completing the PLDP can be found here.

GPST Change Form (below): Fill this in to report any form of absence, or if you are planning a change in your working hours. If you would like to increase or decrease your working hours, your form needs to be submitted 16 weeks prior to the date you wish to start at the new percentage.  The deanery is required to adhere to this due to national regulations.  You are not permitted to start working at your new percentage until you have had the application approved by the deanery.  Any application should be sent to in the first instance. Please send change forms completed for the purposes of reporting absence to

GP Handbook for all doctors with extra information for those new to the area or to the UK.

Hospital handover template Use this to hand over advice and information to the next doctor when you finish a hospital job.

FAQs from your HR department issued by Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust

The working week and the new junior doctor contract

Essential Equipment for Registrars (with permission from Reading and Newbury VTS scheme)