About us

About us

Why Bristol?

Why choose the Bristol scheme?

  • Consistently high pass rates for the AKT and CSA exams
  • Scholarship opportunities in leadership, education, substance abuse, and more
  • Academic 4 year programmes
  • Teaching 3 weeks out of 4 throughout the whole of your training
  • 2 week practice swap in ST3 to help prepare for the ‘real world’
  • Supportive environment for less than full time training
  • Some joint rotations with Somerset offering contrast of inner city medicine with rural practice
  • Exposure to a diverse patient demographic in your 2 GP placements
  • Wide variety of community based placements in sexual health, psychiatry, elderly care, paediatrics and palliative care
  • Vibrant city life, family friendly attractions, and easy access to the countryside (www.visitbristol.co.uk)
  • Great road and rail links to the north, south, east and west

Bristol GP Specialty Training Programme is not ‘the Deanery’ although we are part of the Deanery.  Information about who’s who in the Severn Deanery GP School is on the GP School website http://www.primarycare.severndeanery.nhs.uk

Author: Nick, Bristol viewed from Windmill Hill