Study leave

Study leave is applied for via the Accent Online system HERE

Further information about accessing your Accent account can be found here

ALL Study Leave requests should be submitted on the Accent system at least 6 weeks before the course date (retrospective requests will not be authorised) and BEFORE you pay for or enroll onto a course. Details of how to do this can be found here. Please wait until your request has been approved on the Accent system before parting with any money as you will not be reimbursed if your request is denied.

To claim expenses following your course you will need to complete the ‘Expenses’ section of the relevant Study Leave entry on Accent, upload a completed expenses form, proof of attendance and receipts to the Accent Online system AND click on the ‘Claim’ button.

If you have any technical issues with Accent please email IMSupport.South@hee.nhs.uk

If you have any other queries or issues please email Amanda on Amanda.Philo@nbt.nhs.uk

Ideas from previous DiT for using private study time include:

  1. Sitting in with Paediatric general clinics e.g. email frances.hutchings@uhbw.nhs.uk
  2. Attending a Balint Group. These run once a month for an hour (currently on a Tuesday) and are a chance for you to discuss challneging conusltations in a confidential and non-judgmental setting with colleagues. Yiu can use study leave for these.Contact Dr Liz Lee on drlizlee@gmail.com
  3. Sitting in with other practitioners e.g: physio, BDP workers, homeless clinic, crisis teams
  4. https://www.bnssgtraininghub.com for courses like dermoscopy, safeguarding etc. This also links to a Paediatric Podcast
  5. “Skin club” online : DABRW@leo-pharma.com
  6. Spend time getting to know Remedy (for referral guidelines and management protocols including additional safeguarding resources)
  7. Bite-sized learning for new teamwork and communication skills through the NHS Leadership Academy
  8. “Spotting The Sick Child” online modules
  9. ENT SHO for sensible ENT advice and teaching modules
  10. Check out the Bradford VTS desktop consultation toolbox

Professional, private and exam leave

Guidelines are available on the Severn Deanery website

Other Leave

Further information regarding other leave including maternity/paternity leave and jury service can be found here: www.primarycare.severndeanery.nhs.uk/training/trainees/leave

For annual leave click here