The Excellent ePortfolio

Every year Oxford deanery offers prizes for the best trainee eportfolio.  Each scheme has to nominate 1 or 2 commendable eportfolios and these will be judged by the ARCP panel to award the prizes.  Reading has a history of producing winners….  lets try to carry it on!  The criteria used to judge an excellent eportfolio are below:

Evidence Base

Comprehensive curriculum coverage – Appropriate linkage with both curriculum headings and competences
Problem Based Learning – The entries will be rooted in clinical and academic experience
Psycho-Social approach – The content will demonstrate a broad based and holistic approach
Triangulation – Reference will be made to corroborating evidence in other sections of the ePortfolio

Educational skills

Self directed learning – The ePortfolio will demonstrate the trainee’s personal organization and an ability to manage their own learning agenda
Personal development plan – The trainee will set SMART targets in their PDPs and demonstrate completed learning cycles
Educational Progress – The ePortfolio will describe change and progress in the trainee’s clinical behaviour and competences.
Positive approach to learning – The trainee’s ePortfolio will demonstrate a curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning

Presentational skills

Editorial style – The ePortfolio will be comprehensive but remain uncluttered and succinct
Accessible – In preparation for periodic reports, the Educational Supervisor will be given clear sign posts towards the pertinent evidence to demonstrate progress
ePortfolio Entries – Entries will be made on a regular basis and be of consistently high standard to match the guidance for reflective practice presented by the RCGP WPBA group