Multi-Source Feedback – MSF

The Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) tool provides a sample of attitudes and opinions of colleagues on the clinical performance and professional behaviour of the GPStR. It helps to provide data for reflection on performance and gives useful feedback for self-evaluation.

How to use the MSF

– Agree a date for the MSF and a date to discuss the feedback with your clinical supervisor.

– With your supervisor’s approval select your respondants- five clinicians with different job titles when in secondary care and five clinicians, mainly GPs, when in primary care. In GP you will also need to select an additional five non clinicians are selected. All the respondents need to be people who have observed you in the workplace. From experience it has been found that not all of those asked tend to complete their feedback by the deadline. With this in mind it may be advisable to request feedback from more than the minimum number of people required.

– Give each of respondents the instruction letter which explains the process and gives details of how to input, and the closing date by which their feedback should be given. To find this letter log into your eportfolio, click on evidence, then MSF, then “request an assessor completes a form”. When you do this your MSF will be opened from that date, a ticket code generated and all responses must be in within 6 weeks. If you simply want to see the form click on “view a blank form”- this does not start the process or generate a ticket code.

– Respondents will need to connect to the internet and log onto the ePortfolio (using the ticket code provided and the the following link ). They will use a 7 point grade and enter feedback comments in two free text boxes. Clinicians will answer both questions. Non-clinicians answer just the first question.

– Reassure respondents that their answers will not be individually identifiable and that you will recieve only aggregate feedback.

– On the closing date the results will be sent to the Educational Supervisor. The results will be anonymous. Results will show the free text comments and the breakdown of scores. There will also be information on the mean, median and range of scores.

– The Educational Supervisor will authorise the results to become available within the GPStR’s ePortfolio and visible to the GP trainer. The GP Trainer or Educational Supervisor should try to assimilate the numerical scores and free text comments within the context of the GPStR’s overall performance to date.

– You will have a feedback interview with your educational supervisor to discus the results. Following this conversation your educational supervisor will “release” the results at which time they will become visible on your eportfolio.

– The Professional Conversation log in the Education Section of the ePortfolio may be used to record the discussion and the action plan arising from it.