Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire – PSQ

This tool provides feedback to GPStRs by providing a measure of the patient’s opinion of the doctor’s relationship and empathy during a consultation. The evidence provided is useful in helping trainer and GPStR to address needs and facilitate educational development during the training period.

Obtaining Feedback

  • Agree a date to start the PSQ and a date for the feedback interview with your trainer, arrange the practicalities of handing out forms with the reception staff.
  • To obtain forms for patients to complete enter your eportfolio, click on evidence, then PSQ and then “print a blank form for patients to complete”. You are likely to need at least 60 copies in order to get the required 40 back.
  • The questionnaires should be handed to consecutive patients (irrespective of their likelihood of responding) by the receptionist. The receptionist and trainer should complete the declaration form and return to the Deanery.
  • Patients complete the questionnaire and hand them back to the receptionist. This should continue until 40 completed forms have been returned. This may take a number of days.
  • Agree with your trainer who will enter the results into your eportfolio. For probity reasons this should not be you!

Using Feedback

  • Once analysed, the results are sent to the Educational Supervisor. Results will be anonymous and will include mean, median and range for each question.
  • You will have a feedback interview with your trainer/educational supervisor. After this interview, they will “release” the results to you and will become visible on your eportfolio
  • The Professional Conversation log in the Education Section of the ePortfolio may be used to record the interview and any action plan arising from it.