The ePortfolio of each trainee carries the evidence that is considered at interim and final panels which take place at the end of each training year. On the panel are representatives of GP education in the Oxford deanery, including programme directors, trainers and a laymen. During the panel meeting the panel will look at your ePortfolio, whether you have completed the required amount of WPBAs and whether you have passed any assessments like AKT and CSA. They will also review the reports from your Clinical and Educational Supervisor(s) and assess the quality of your reflective log entries.

The panel will then decide whether you have made satisfactory progress and are ready to proceed to the next year of training. Should the outcome not be satisfactory, you and your trainer will be called to a face-to-face meeting with the panel during which the panel will decide whether you can proceed or whether they will recommend an extension to your current level of training.

Trainees who pass WPBA at final review and also have a pass in the AKT and CSA will be eligible to apply for a certificate of completion of training (CCT), inclusion in the General Medical Council’s GP Register and membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners. The CCT is issued by PMETB and only with this certificate will the GMC allow you to go onto their GP register. Inclusion on this register is essential for working as a fully fledged GP.

N.B. This ARCP information section is a work in progress, so please check for any updates over time…

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