Time taken OOP is defined in the Gold Guide sections 6. It is important to recognise that it is not a “right”, and that agreement depends on the practicalities of releasing a trainee from their rotation.

Time OOP can in theory address trainees’ needs in 4 ways:

OOP training (OOPT) in which non-programme experience counts towards the award of a CCT – Not generally applicable to general practice

OOP experience (OOPE) in which a trainee gains valuable experience, but still needs in addition to complete a full 3 years of GPST

OOP research (OOPR) for research – usually towards a higher degree.

OOP career break (OOPC) to spend time pursuing other interests or to meet (for example) a health or caring need.

For more information about taking time out of training, please see the Severn Deanery website