ST3 E-portfolio

Level 3 Child Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding Training for GPST in practice.

Trainees should be appropriately inducted at the practice; this should include familiarisation with practice safeguarding policy & procedures. Trainees should also complete child protection training as soon as possible when starting posts involving contact with children. For more information see: Severn Postgraduate Medical Education – Child Safeguarding Training Requirements.

During the ST3 year, they should write up at least two learning log entries on safeguarding cases, of which at least one should relate to a child case that the trainee has been personally involved with. They should also include entries for any multi-disciplinary/multi-agency meetings they attend, eg. safeguarding meetings within the practice or any child protection case review meetings, as well as any relevant discussions on the half day release, during small group work, & in tutorials.

*To demonstrate that they have achieved Level 3 child safeguarding competence by the final ARCP panel, trainees must have completed a level 3 child protection course, either *on-line or face to face and have uploaded an appropriate certificate.
E-learning modules: Kwango – Health, Social Care and Education E-Learning,
Annette Blackstock can provide a user name & password.

Some confusion has arisen as the delivery of face to face level 3 training courses varies between areas. Region-specific safeguarding courses are not considered an essential way of demonstrating level 3 competencies and so are not normally claimable from study leave budget). Please refer to the Intercollegiate guidance: Safeguarding children and young people: roles and competences for health care staff.

Newly Qualified GPs must, within a year of being on the performers list, ensure that they meet the local requirements for level 3 training, and update this every 3 years. For those staying in Gloucestershire this is delivered by GCSB: Safeguarding Children in Gloucestershire, Safeguarding training, development and events and involves attending a full day multi-agency course (if it is the first time you have attended) and then a half- day refresher course every 3 years thereafter.