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Half Day Release Course (HDRC) Trainee Passport

The HDRC Trainee Passport provides a roadmap to the half day teaching sessions provided during GP Speciality Training at Gloucestershire. The purpose of the passport is to provide trainees with a tool to support them in planning their learning, while enhancing their training experience.

The passport is flexible and learner centred. It is aimed for all trainees but in particular, may benefit those trainees needing to plan KIT days during maternity leave, and/or LTFT trainees so that sessions are not attended more than once during their training.

The HDRC Trainee Passport lists suggested sessions that trainees should attend during their GP training and is not a record of attendance.

Email Lindsey Buckenham to get a copy of the HDRC Trainee Passport

Programmes from February 2023 to July 2023


All GP Trainees have a membership with GGPET to provide additional training opportunites. As members, all training is free to access. Please visit their website to sign up for any of their courses