If you have been training in another specialty and would like to transfer to a GP training programme, you may be eligible to apply for a reduction in the duration of your GP training under the Accreditation of Transferable Competencies Framework (ATCF). To qualify, you must be transferring into general practice from one of the following approved specialty training programmes:

  • Anaesthetics (CCT programme in Anaesthetics)
  • General (Internal) Medicine (Core Medical Training programme)
  • General Psychiatry (Core Training in Psychiatry programme)
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology (CCT programme in Obstetrics and Gynaecology)
  • Paediatrics (CCT programme in Paediatrics)

If you are interested in the ATCF scheme, you must apply through the GP recruitment and selection process in the usual way and request to be considered as an ATCF candidate at the time of application. Applicants cannot be considered retrospectively for a reduction in training time through the ATCF.

You will only qualify for transfer to a GP training programme if:

  • You have a valid NTN at the time of transfer, or have been in a GMC approved specialty programme within the two years preceding the planned start date of your GP specialty training programme
  • You have completed a minimum of 12 months in an approved specialty training programme
  • Your final gateway ARCP from your exiting specialty is an Outcome 1 (i.e. satisfactory progress) and you also demonstrate satisfactory progress in your first ARCP panel in your GP training. Other exiting ARCP outcomes may be considered at the discretion of your local Postgraduate Dean, if specific criteria are met.
  • Acceptance onto a shortened GP training programme is at the discretion of the LETB or deanery and will be subject to local capacity and programme availability.

Once you begin GP training, you are expected to upload a copy of the exiting ARCP report into the GP eportfolio. We strongly advise you to ensure that you make regular eportfolio entries right from the beginning of your GP training programme. ATCF trainees would normally reach their first ‘gateway’ ARCP in GP after six months in ST1. At that stage there will be a review of eportfolio evidence and an assessment of progress. Trainees that have made satisfactory progress should be awarded an outcome 1 and would progress into ST2.

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