Teaching usually occurs on the second, third and fourth Wednesdays of the month; mornings (9am start) for ST1/ST2 trainees and afternoons (1pm start) for ST3 trainees. It is a requirement of the Attendance Policy that you come to a minimum of 70% of the patch teaching sessions for your group.

In ST1/ST2 years teaching is monthly. If you cannot attend your own small group teaching you can join an alternative group in that month. During your General Practice rotation in ST1/ST2 years, you attend teaching 3 times a month, twice as part of the GPST group, and once on the week your usual small group has teaching.

In ST3 year teaching is usually 3 times a month. Your Educational Supervisors are aware that you must be available to attend the session. There are occasional full day sessions to be aware of on the timetable.