Working in a GP Surgery

Before you start your post:

When you are due to work in a GP surgery, the contact details of the Practice Manager will be sent to you by the administrator of the scheme before your rotation is due to start, so that you can make contact before you are due to arrive.

Your clinical tutors will be given to you on arrival at the surgery, and the information for them will be in your e-portfolio.

One thing you must do as soon as possible if this is your first post, is to register with the RCGP and activate your e-portfolio. The next thing is to ensure have applied to join the GP performers list.

National Performers List

The national performers list is a list of all doctors performing General Medical Services (GMS) or Personal Medical Services (PMS) – (essentially GPs), for NHS patients. It exists to allow the NHS to regulate practitioners who perform these services and therefore to protect NHS patients and services. As a new GP registrar in a GP post you are unlikely to have come accross this before as clinicians employed by NHS Trusts or Foundation Trusts are exempt.

You will be contacted by email with the information you need to provid to be put on this list, it is not a quick task, and includes filling in a detailed application form, providing references, providing your GMC, safeguarding children, and CPR certificates. It also includes filling in a CRB form, having a detailed CV and then a trip to YORK to clarify everything.

Legally to see a patient as a GP registrar you must be on the list, you will have to have all of this approved within your first 3 months of your first start date in the practice. If it is not completed within this time frame you will be asked to stop working while it is completed. After the completion of your CCT you will need to join the list as a GP.

NHS England Performance List Application Form
perform-list-app-form.doc Microsoft Word document [343.0 KB]