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Practice Managers

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A shared vision

As a scheme we wish to build a reputation as a friendly and supportive training scheme, providing an excellent educational environment for GP trainees which produces GPs ready for independent practice, motivated and able to stay in our region.

We hope our scheme plays a strong part in the development locally of a high-quality NHS and health service, responsive to the needs of its local population but also to wider societal needs including climate change.

For our practices:

· A sense of belonging, and a pride in being a teaching practice and part of the scheme.

· A sense of being supported, both locally, by peers and by HEE.

· An active engagement of practices via their managers or administrative teams in education (for direct support and to encourage peer support across practices).

· The provision of balanced group of trainees, prepared and willing to contribute to practices and their workload, in return for an excellent educational experience.

· An ability to encourage and reward the support for excellence in education (e.g. interprofessional education, peer support & learning, mentoring and challenge).

· An awareness that the scheme will encourage service provision and GP recruitment at all times; in order to best support strong, relevant and focussed education for its future GPs.

For our local communities:

· To be provided with high quality GPs to help develop strong local health provision.

· To have a local GP training scheme with a strong community focus and which is embedded in, and relevant to, its community and with a strong public health ethos

· To have a scheme which minimises its environmental impact on the planet whist delivering high quality education, but embeds teaching on planetary health for its future workforce.

· To ensure those joining the local workforce are sensitive, compassionate, and well-rounded doctors skilled and prepared to serve all sectors of the community, of all backgrounds and beliefs, including those recognised to be the most vulnerable and hard to reach.

· To ensure those joining the local workforce are skilled and motivated to work across disciplinary boundaries to encourage the best health and social care for the population.

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