Supervisors – Information for the Trainee

Who are supervisors?

Make contact with your educational supervisor, clinical supervisor and trainer as soon as you join the scheme. They want to meet you as much as you want to know who they are!

Your Educational Supervisor will be a GP trainer on the Scarborough scheme, who you will have as your supervisor for the full term of your training.

Your Clinical Supervisor (hospital posts) will be one of the consultants on the department you are working in.

Your Trainer (GP surgeries) will be one of the trainers in the surgery you are working in at the time, there may be shared sessions with different people if there is more than one trainer in the practice.

The Clinical Supervisors Report

The Clinical Supervisors Report (CSR) is a short, structured report from your clinical supervisor in each hospital post. Recorded in your Trainee ePortfolio, CSRs form part of the Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) component of our MRCGP membership exam.

The CSR will be completed by your named clinical supervisor, after they’ve reviewed all the evidence relating to your post (including the mandatory WPBA tools, ePortfolio log entries and feedback from staff and colleagues).

All sections of the CSR form need to have text entered. In particular, the ’Comments/concerns’ box is a very important way of giving feedback to the educational supervisor and should be used for each area of competence.

The final feedback box is used by the clinical supervisor to provide further information, or recommendations to help either you or your educational supervisor.

What is an Educational Supervisors Review?

Every 6 months you are required to meet with your educational supervisor for an in depth face to face review of how you are getting on. This will be part of your educational supervisors review process. The review is completed by your Educational Supervisor Report (ESR), written by your educational supervisor, which is a detailed report of your progress and your self rating statement, which is filled in by you detaling the progress you have made in the post. See here to understand the definition of the self ratings. You will need to justify your rating with the evidence in your e-portfolio, so ensure you rate yourself appropriately. Please ensure that your self rating is done a week before your ES review meeting as your ES will need to view it before the meeting.