Out Of Hours (OOH) Urgent and Unscheduled Care

The RCGP curriculum and the supporting guidance document on Urgent and Unscheduled care do not specify the number of hours needed to meet the capabilities within this setting, nor a specific number of log entries.  However, “whilst it is recognised that knowledge and skills needed to develop Urgent and Unscheduled capabilities may be gained “in hours” and in varying secondary / community / urgent care services there remain particular features more likely encountered in a primary care urgent care setting that require specific educational focus. Thus, to gain experience of, for example, working in isolation and with relative lack of supporting services GP trainees will need significant opportunities to develop these capabilities in primary care based Urgent and Unscheduled care  / Out of Hours provider organisations.”

You will be invited to Out of Hours Induction at the start of the scheme or in your first GP post. You will register with the out of hours provider in our area VOCARE.

You can book your sessions with VOCARE by contacting Bridget Robinson on 01642 733667 or email on bridget.robinson@vocare.nhs.uk 

You arrange time off in lieu at your practice for the out of hours shifts worked.

GPStR must meet their contractual requirements regarding OOH sessions but the educator assessment focuses on assessing their Capability in the Urgent and Unscheduled Care Clinical Experience Group. Fulfilling this contractual requirement should not be seen as equivalent to meeting the curriculum capabilities.

Experiences of learning from OOH should be linked to the clinical experience group of urgent and unscheduled care in the e-portfolio.

You are recommended to use the OOH session recording and feedback form and attach to e-portfolio under supporting documentation.

OOH Session Recording and Feedback Form

Full guidance RCGP website:  https://www.rcgp.org.uk/training-exams/training/mrcgp-workplace-based-assessment-wpba/urgent-and-unscheduled-care/uuc-trainee-and-es-guidance.aspx

The HEE GP school website is updated to reflect current guidance: https://www.yorksandhumberdeanery.nhs.uk/general_practice/urgent-and-unscheduled-care

STRs have access to an excellent OOH module on Blackboard for York and Scarborough trainees.