Our Timetable

Welcome to the Plymouth VTS timetable pages

We run a rolling 3 year teaching programme based on the RCGP curriculum.

Over the course of your 3 year VTS you should encounter most areas of the curriculum during these sessions

GP training is much too complex and wide-ranging to imagine that we can teach you all you need to be a GP in these sessions. In fact, most of your knowledge will come from learning as you go, which as reflective adult learners is how it should be.

​We tend to focus on the areas of the curriculum that are harder to achieve in your day to day clinical work. Consequently, you will find that while there is some didactic topic-based teaching, delivered by subject matter experts. However, during each full day of teaching, we will run an interactive, small group session focussing on your attitudes, your experiences, and parts of the curriculum best delivered in a group setting.

We expect you to think what you want to get out of sessions in advance (and prepare, if required), turn up on time, engage, iinteract, and offer sensible feedback on how sessions might be improved. In turn we promise to do our best to provide a fantastic, supportive, engaging and inspiring learning experience.

Because of the number of trainees on the scheme, and the size of our rooms we split you into ST1, 2 or 3 cohorts.