Delivery of the teaching programme

Delivering the teaching programme

How will our teaching programme be delivered?

Prior to March 2020 all VTS teaching sessions were delivered face-to-face. Sadly, it looks as if this won’t be possible for the foreseeable future.

However, the team do hope to be able to deliver a limited number of sessions on a face-to-face basis. in compliance with social distancing guidelines.

It is hoped that 2 days per term, per cohort will be offered face-to-face, although this is not guaranteed. The team recognise that not all trainees will feel able to join the sessions in person, therefore these sessions will also be accessible remotely. You will be sent details of how to join the sessions in advance.

Other sessions, including the regular ST1 and 2 small group sessions for those in GP placements, will be delivered electronically. Joining instructions will be sent on the day of the session.

We will keep you up to date with any changes to how sessions will be delivered, as needed.

What if I want to speak to one of the TPDs?

The TPDs are aware that, now you don’t get to see them regularly, there isn’t an easy opportunity to be able to have a chat or ask those little questions which crop up.

At least one of the team is available on a Wednesday, if you do want to speak to someone. This can be on the phone or via Zoom/MS Teams, whichever would be best for you.

Email addresses for the educator team can be found on the Key Contacts page however, you can always email or speak to Sarah and she will pass the message on.

What should I do when there’s no VTS?

The following paragraph is taken from the Peninsula PGME GP Specialty Trainee FAQs page:

What should trainees do when there is no VTS teaching?

The VTS teaching session on Wednesday is classed as study leave, so when it is not running the trainee should be working in the practice as part of their agreed contracted hours. An alternative is to use the time created as formal study leave and explore an aspect of general practice. It is also possible to use the time created as in lieu in order to experience Saturday morning extended hours. Many trainees form learning sets and usefully continue to work towards MRCGP. There is no rule and practices will differ but remember this is working time and we have to justify what we are paying for to the public.